Join us for our Active Skincare Workshop - 9:30am to 12noon including lunch and a 2hr Dot Art session and goodie bag. Only R630 per person!

Ingaadi is a place of many moods – as varied as the moods of the clients who cross our threshold, to experience the delights and sensuousness of pampering or the burst of vitality from rejuvenation at our spa, the romance and often ecstatic celebration of an engagement or wedding, the mental challenge as a  conference, the dynamism or exuberance at a launch or an important event, or simply the gentleness of relaxation with family and friends.

Sets the scene of tranquil luxury with elegant simplicity


We strive to exceed each client's expectations by providing a unique African spa experience that nurtures each individual while bringing forth their own personal beauty and well-being. We commit to continuous education and solid business practices in all areas of the ever-changing dynamic hospitality industry. Our actions contribute to our ultimate goal - to excel within our business, our community and beyond. That our clients will associate our brand with relaxation, rejuvenation and a personal journey of pure renewal. Beyond doubt, making a difference is the legacy we aspire to leave.


With our knowledgeable team of staff we aim to evolve into a nationally known spa experience where your mind, your body, your spirit combined with our touch, our compassion and our commitment, can renew your true senses and bring your life back into balance.